You Choose but God Decides

He loves the Determination, He notices the will.
He is interested in conviction
But in all he is concerned about you.

Where you take a stand, where you think you are sure.. He wants that to be true, He wants that to be you.

Yes, He knows what’s best, He knows what is good, and Loving you-He wants the best for you. 

But where you are convinced-in mind.
And where it comes to a single choice…
Knowing you, He makes it all turn out as it is- because of you.

In a phase, you may not accept.
With a fit, you might even reject.
But like as a Father- and you, a child- He wills that you understand
Understand that It is all in His Best for you.
you may think it a game, you may even stereotype it as a cynic gamble.
But Still understand,
the Father’s ways are far beyond ours.

Isaac Newton would then advice- “Ask the father to put you on His shoulders then. Only then hopefully you will be able to Grasp”.

The choice that is made may empirically not be “good”… However still, He knows the best sauce may sometimes need some Bitter.

Now you pray, Trust and Live in All His Fullness of Grace. 

God Bless




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