Keep Smiling

The odds are clear,
The facts are there…
As you come to ponder.
You may even begin to wonder.

Being objective to the above, realise that an individual can be sucked into a black hole of depression.

“Well keep smiling”, the instruction I heard after I was asked why I was smiling.
Before that instruction I noticed that my smile caused her to smile in return.

Keep smiling then…
Shouldn’t another human being be blessed with this token of hope?

With all the hustle with all the bustle, wouldn’t you think it proper that such a heart be eased of the stress?

Keep Smiling
Not that it be fake at times for you… Rather in those troubling times, may it be a sacrifice of praise. Yes, a prayer resonating the heavens, causing the object of your hope to be made manifest.

Keep Smiling!
It is – ironically a slap on the evil one’s face that leaves a print of resentment, the cause for his retreat.

Like a quake in a camp, like a thorn in the midst of a beast’s paw, lead that smile to be the mark of God in you.

So keep wearing that smile,
keep it that way;
Not the prideful type, cos you would look apart of man.
Not the evil one, for there is no point too in that;

Try that which is of love.
Yes you are beautiful in it.
That’s how you were created to be.

I love that Smile.


featured picture courtesy of the movie “War Room” from


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