What Drives Us?

What drives man?!

Is it pride?!
Cos I just witnessed a premature fruit of it.
And there in were blood stains.
Indeed it comes with a likeness to strength. But is it really?
Where it is threatened, it’s defence turns to an offence.

Since it’s offence that has the intention of threatening pride,

guess the mood of the stage now… War!

What next? .. Well what happens in war. A fight till a retreat. Otherwise it’s a fight to the death.

I am not going to even suggest a solution to this…
But i leave this for all of man to decide.

Can there please be an alternative?
Isn’t there something else that can more effectively drive a man?

Honestly I believe a man ought to have a firm grasp of His Identity, otherwise the purpose of life itself is misplaced.

Man may not know but He throws away the essence of life thus shifting all priorities to self.

But there is a wise saying in my father’s Kingdom that says… “If you try to save yourself, you will lose it, however if you lose yourself -for love’s sake- you will find it.”

Indeed it is a choice,
life and death has been placed before us as a choice. But it is advised by the creator to choose life.

In choosing life I believe we will find that alternative.

Mind you, man here doesn’t refer just to the male of us.

Now choose;
It is you who finally determines…
What drives you?

God bless; Shalom.

– D.K.Jectey-Asare


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