The Mystery Ship

Or is it the ¬†Ship Mystery,…
well, i guess;…
Mystery it was and still it remains
Surprisingly, it’s the type we wish ever, never to solve.

We’d hate to spoil the excitement – ruining thrill.

They are the little things,
and there are the big things…
These are the methods of others those we hope not to figure out.

Because we love this mystery,
We remain in these ships still.

In our scrubbing and our mobbing… Even in giving or receiving commands – while still on the deck…

We still prefer the mystery of this boat to a host of cool high tech “auto-bots”

We may fool ourselves and prefer the latter at times…
But in conclusion, the former is what we fall back on.

This ship’s mystery can be classified at most times subtle –
But however subtle, it is of a valued worth.

Even the blunders add up to this ship’s mystery…and it still leaves the ship all the more interesting.

There are different ships though…
Just be sure to stay clear off the pirate of them.


– D K Jectey-Asare


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