Consider the face

I consider The Face

It is the face I look at,
When lust is aggressive.
When a mind seems to be unruly
When the heart appears to be drunk in the wells of evil…
It is the face I look at.
When pride wants to steal the scene..
When jealousy wants to break the bridging beam..
Even when lust settles for subtleness.
It is still the face I look at.

It is the face I look at,
When good deeds are prevalent
When skill projects glory
When inspiration is let out without restraint..
It is especially the face I look at…
When love moves from potential to kinetic…
When the thought of love manifests in blood power and liberty.
Yh.. 😇
It is the face I look at.

For the face is a discerning point..
It may or may not be obvious …
But it is there I find out;
Self betrayal, the perfect portraying of intentions ..
I see the in-obvious from the obvious ..
I see innocence where there is guilt.
I see guilt where there is innocence.
I see the betrayal of the man’s spirit by his body.

Yes.. Where there is evil at play.. I see the frailty of man.
Where there is good in display, I see the strength of God.
Where there is bondage (however deceptive in it may be).. hurt and pain lingers.
Yes, where man thinks himself king,.. slavery is usually what shows.

I look at the face and that is what I see.
I may not see everything…
And I might even be wrong at times..
But Everyday.. I see this – and In it perceive the balance of life.

Giving me the strength to be tough and to be tamed.
To forgive and to inspire.
To teach and to be taught…

Even now..
Still to grow and to love.

For it is not fact that i see, but possibility in its paradoxical form.

-DK Jectey-Asare


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