A Dance in a Fight.

What do you wield?
How does the sword flow with you in a fight?
Or does it even flow?
How do you work with your weapon?
Do you have one,… well you do, but do you use it?
I see visions of a skillful man, wielding his sword in the most beautiful way.

It’s almost an art…
Then again, existing in this world establishes this.
… it Insights it to be an art.
It is thus a must to fight.
Essentially, however, this act of war is a duel.
As every art has a stance or definition of honour,…
the only type recognised here is confirming the win by winning.
There is an art to this fight,
There is an art to this duel… but it is you who defines it.
It falls on you to define its beauty.
But how?…

I see one who is quick on his feet…
Wielding the sword,…or is it a chain..?
Like an extension of his arm…
In skill, with precision,
From unsheathing back to sheathing,
With every thrust or blow,
With every duck or dodge…
Even without a background tune… it rather comes to seem like a dance.
A very fast one that is..

Yes,… an art indeed it seems to be.
With face set like flint,
Every leap, every forward-run..
Every stance and every stride
With movement so swift, with actions so quick..
In agile leaps, in sudden kick-jabs, .,.
In both defence and offence, his shield is wielded in great control.
Buff perhaps he is not, however…very strong he remains.
Can you see it for yourself…
Can you relate…?

I see it sometimes but I am not yet…
It is imperative that we must train.
But not as you think… the battle is already underway..
Our training will be and is in reality,
If you are reading this, then your fight has already begun…
This fight is not the usual kind,
It is a dance, whose rhythm is as original as it gets…
Many think it pointless, others assume it difficult.
But we mostly fail to realise,
We were born to do this…

The first of our fathers started this dance… we, as individuals, must finish it.

So now, …
Care to dance?

DK Jectey-Asare


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