Your Endless Bright eyes

 Your Endless Bright eyes

It is always – consistent.
always it is, in counsel…and it is in speech.
in questioning too and still remains in listening.
it speaks volumes – your eyes; it inspires hope and pursuit.

Even Inspires life in its path.
It shows purity and it beams focus. it lurches on to barriers, making them stepping-stones.
it radiates a gospel – yes, an almost too good to be true message.

Your eyes, it seems endless -like two mirrors facing each other,
Like a wormhole but this time, outlined with stars.
It spells out possibility and plenty of opportunity.
Your bright eyes, are unique. being the windows to the soul, it gives me a glimpse to your heart.

I see a hind, jumping over stones and boulders, leading and leaping onto the mountain top.

In an objective thought, you seem to be there already, then again, your eyes tell me that you see more, more heights ahead. but it’s not selfish, its not just personal. because like me, you draw the attention of others to look ahead, to see more hopes and higher heights to reach.

your bright eyes …your endless bright eyes.
all this i noticed as i passed by you on the stairway.
but it was paradoxical, cos as you were careful in your decent-looking down, your bright eyes still seemed to be looking up.
I Love those endless bright eyes.

Really considering to get myself a pair,
But i should actually, for it is of a cost already borne.



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