Who Am I to…?

I feel like a speck..
Impotent over what to do.

In my eyes I can’t afford to be wise.

I can’t put another’s life at risk …am I sure?
Will I be strong enough to catch another soul…?

Can I in my own self… Assure another man of life…?

who am i?What is life…that Can I alter…
Can I really alter it’s established variables of uncertainty to be great…to excel … ?
Can man really do that?
Just when he feels in control, won’t there come up a malfunction?

Can I confidently tell a downhearted neighbour that things will get better? …
Who am I? Who really can give such an assurance?

Oh but God can.
A royal priesthood- a holy nation we are.
And we are because God made it so.
Through one man, slavery and condemnation came,
But through another, freedom and Conquering authority.

Who am I.., who are we?
Oh but we are, because of “I am”- because Jesus Is.

He who knows the end from the beginning,
He who inspires hearts for results.

For He said, I know the plans I have for you, that of Good and not of evil- that to bring you to an expected end.

Now go on. Go ahead now and be encouraged.
No need to fear, do what you see the Father do, do what he says you should do.
Do what is written- as He inspires it onto you.
You need not worry, you need not ponder,
For it is a wonder that He watches over His word onto fulfilment.

Take heart, have faith, walk in the Spirit of the Truth.

The Truth that He will never leave nor forsake.
Indeed it is not in our power,
but because of the Finished works…
It is in our place.


Grace and Peace onto You


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