Sometimes that is all it takes.


Remember when you were rescued, when all seemed lost and everything was dark in despair.

when all was lost, and it seemed you had nothing even literal to hold on to.

when people you thought friends became indifferent and said to you, “that’s your cross to bear…”.

God beckons at you to remember.

“Remember, that you may have strength”.

“Remember, then consider, that I have the chance to lift you again”.

“You wouldn’t have ever forgotten if you didn’t drift off… “

“But i love you still and i wish now that you remember. because though you are at a distance, i still see you and I’m eager to break your fall.”

“Please Remember!”

God’s Grace:

Yes, We’ve been through a lot. I caught you many times, and you even enjoyed the rides we had.

We used to be an unstoppable movement, especially when it seemed as though everyone else were in the against.

remember the weight of trust you had in me.

Remember how it carried you, remember how I carried you.

Time is of the essence,

Please Remember, consider and then come back.

Do you Remember?!

#Matt 16:9



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